Providers of quality titanium bar solutions for aerospace, medical, and commercial applications


TSI utilizes a 1500-ton hydraulic forging press for open die forging of customizable bar products ranging from 4.000” to 12.000” diameter, with the flexibility to satisfy customer needs of multiple-heat quantities down to single-bar requirements throughout the size range.

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TSI’s multi-functional bar mill with 12” and 10” mill stands provide three-high combination rolling and capable of hot-forming standard or customizable orders in all titanium grades ranging from 0.500” to 4.000” diameter. Our experienced workforce, nimble scheduling, and on-site tooling design combine to provide industry leading delivery and quality performance for our customers.

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Heat Treatment

Leveraging our NADCAP certification with decades of experience, TSI efficiently produces Annealed, Solution Treated and Aged, or Duplex Annealed titanium bar using several car and drop-bottom furnaces.
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Bar Finishing

Bar product from 0.500” to 17” diameter is finished with industry best roundness, surface quality, and straightness using four modern, state-of-the art bar peelers.
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