Quality and Service are the foremost concepts of each member of the Sierra Alloys/TSI Titanium/Sierra Sheet & Plate team. Our total commitment to both quality and service has earned us worldwide recognition and prestigious quality approvals. We are qualified to supply material for applications ranging from fracture critical 10-2-3 for the Boeing 777 and C-17 to surgical implant material.

  We present this partial list of Sierra Alloys customers to illustrate the scope of our involvement in the aerospace and aircraft markets as well as our ability to meet the strict standards required by these companies.
Bell Helicopter, Philadelphia, PA
Bell Helicopter, TX
Boeing Aerospace and Electronics Groups
Boeing Commercial Airplane, Seattle, WA
Boeing Defense and Space Group
Bombarbier, Inc., Canadair Aerospace Group
Douglas Aircraft Co
Douglas Canada
General Dynamics, Ft. Worth, TX
General Electric Corp.,
Cincinnati, OH
Goodrich Corp.
Grumman Aerospace Corp
Hercules, TX
Hughes Missile Systems Co.
Lockheed Martin Corp., California
Lockheed Martin Corp., Georgia
Lockheed Martin Corp.,
Ft. Worth, TX
McDonnell Douglas, Space Systems
McDonnell Douglas,
St. Louis Division
McDonnell Douglas, Tulsa Division
Northrop, B2 Division
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Pratt and Whitney Corp., Canada
Pratt and Whitney Corp., CT
Pratt and Whitney Corp., FL
Raytheon Corp.
Rockwell International, NAAQ
Rockwell International,
Rocketdyne Division
Rockwell International, Tulsa, OK
Rohr Industries, Inc.
Sifco Forge Group
Sikorsky Aircraft
Spirit Aero, Wichita, KS
Sundstrand Aviation
Textron Aerostructures
Vought Aircraft
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